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Dental Bridges in Houston TX

For many people, losing a tooth is a fact of life. There are just too many things to watch out for to keep a perfect set of teeth. Flossing the wrong way might cause cavities and other dental problems, and so many people forgo flossing altogether. That can cost a person a tooth.

When you lose a tooth, a dentist can use a dental bridge to close the gap between two teeth. The medical term for a dental bridge is a pontic, but in everyday language, it’s just called a false tooth. Although rappers and models have popularized false teeth made of gold, silver, and other precious metals, most false teeth are made with porcelain so they can’t be distinguished from regular teeth.

Who Needs a Dental Bridge?

When you’ve lost a tooth, you’re automatically a candidate for a dental bridge. Missing teeth can impede your ability to chew food properly, interfere with your pronunciation of words, and even slightly distort your face shape. Teeth will also move along the gumline to fill in the vacant space caused by a missing tooth, and that shift may result in more gaps between more teeth.

How are Dental Bridges Installed?

Installing a dental bridge does not require surgery. Dr. Whan Im may administer a mild relaxant on top of local anesthesia to keep your nerves down if you have some anxiety. A numbing jelly will be applied on top of your gums before the injection is administered, so there is minimal pain.

After taking an imprint of your dental profile, a dentist will make a personalized dental bridge that will fit you. Dental bridges come in several types:

  • Traditional
  • Maryland
  • Cantilever
  • Implant-supported

If you have temporary crowns, they will be removed, and the bridge will be cemented onto the abutment teeth. The procedure is pain-free, although you might have to keep your mouth open for a few hours. Call our top rated dental clinic in Houston TX or fill out our contact form today. Learn about our root canals.

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