Root Canal Treatment

Root Canals in Houston TX

When infection or bacteria begins eating away the inside of a tooth, a root canal must be performed to save the tooth. A root canal involves removing the infected and inflamed material from inside the tooth before the resulting space is sanitized, filled, and then sealed back to its original state. Because it’s one of the most common endodontic procedures the world over, millions of teeth have been saved by dentists who have practiced root canals since the early days of their careers.

Who Needs a Root Canal?

When the nerves inside and under your teeth become infected, the pain can be unbearable. When tooth decay breaks through the internal barriers of a tooth, the problem must be remedied quickly before the tooth requires removal.

  • When decay has reached the nerves of your teeth because of an infection or unchecked plaque that has not been removed in a long time, you might need a root canal.
  • If dental work has been performed on the same tooth multiple times because of decay, you might need a root canal.
  • If your teeth have been damaged or chipped due to trauma, you may need a root canal before surface repair.

How Are Root Canals Done?

In the olden days, root canals were painful, bloody operations. Today, the only pain associated with root canals is the nerve damage that patients ignore before finally seeing their dentists. Endodontists and dentists will utilize advancements in technology to keep your visit comfortable and pain-free.

Local anesthesia will be used to numb the operating area, and then a rubber dam will be placed to keep the area free from saliva. The dentist will use a drill to open up the tooth and then remove plaque, decayed material, and infected tissue from inside. A root canal file will then be used to thoroughly clean the tooth before it is filled and sealed.

Root canals can take up to two visits to finish. At University Oaks Dental, we will make sure your root canal is done right so you can go back to your everyday routine. Learn about our dental crowns.

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